• What your customers see

    Using an iPad kiosk, customers can select a service and sign in to be placed in a virtual line.

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  • What you see

    Employees and supervisors will utilize a simple online dashboard to call customers forward and otherwise manage their visit to your office.

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Pricing as low as $59/month. Pay as you go. Cancel anytime. Sets up in minutes.

Experience Simplicity.

Let Clear-Q make your customer sign-in process a breeze.
All it takes is an iPad and Clear-Q's customer check-in application.

  • sign-in

    Sign In

    Sign in on an iPad

    Customers are given the ability type in their name and select a service to sign in and get in line
  • icon

    Virtual Wait

    Electronic Wait List

    Upon sign-in, customers' names are stored in an electronic wait list until an employee is ready to serve the next customer with an iPad, smart phone, or computer
  • statistics


    Plan ahead for tomorrow's customer traffic

    Statistics on wait times, number of customers entering your facility, employee productivity, and many more are gathered in real time for managers and supervisors